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UC UC Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Charger. FEATURES. •. Optimum Control for Maximum. Battery Capacity and Life. •. Internal State Logic Provides. Operating Temperature, 0°C ~ 70°C (TA). Package / Case, DIP (“, mm). Supplier Device Package, PDIP. Base Part Number, UC Texas Instruments UC PMIC – Battery Chargers parts available at DigiKey.

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This site uses cookies: A fully charged battery may show green pulses as short as a half-second and ic3906 time between pulses may be 60 seconds or more.

R13 is adjusted so that when the battery terminal voltage reaches U1 should be mounted to a heat sink with suitable electrically insulated but thermally conductive mounting hardware to avoid short circuits. Go to Support forums. If an SLA battery is left unused, it will gradually self-discharge.

To test the circuit, wait at least four seconds, then gradually reduce the test voltage until D3 turns green. In reply to dum me: The charger circuit is equipped with a special integrated circuit UCwhich can check the battery status in each charging cycle.

The problem i facing is that when i on the power, my led float green and bulk orange are on without connect to the battery. Mar 30, 5: I found that when float led is on the voltage at pin 10 of the charger is 2. Got any other way i can indicate my u3c906 charge. If you are inclined to do some metal work, you could build your own enclosure using aluminum angle stock and sheet and probably reduce uc39906 size to perhaps uc3096 inches.

When ac power is applied but U1 is switched off and not supplying current to the battery, D3 glows red. Send me some scope plots to look at. The result is a series of mA current pulses varying in width and duty cycle to provide an average current just high enough to maintain the battery in a fully charged condition.


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At this point, the charger switches to the absorption mode. SLA batteries must be recharged on a regular basis. I though the pin 10 is to indicate the battery whether is float charge or not. Other bulk-charge uf3906 The maximum bulk-charge rate is set by the value of R3 in the series regulator circuit. A convenient means of obtaining this test voltage is to connect two 9 V transistor-radio batteries in series to supply 18 V as shown in Figure 2.

UC3906 battery charger controller

When the transmitter is unkeyed, the battery voltage again begins to rise as the charger replenishes the energy used during transmit.

Three-mode chargers begin the battery charging process by applying a voltage to the battery through a mA current limiter. I had see the datasheet for few times already. Mar 24, 5: Although this is an improvement over the three-mode charger, it still has the potential for overcharging a battery to which a light load is attached.

Because the charger is current limited to mA, it is not able to keep up with the transmitter demands. Content on this site may contain or be subject to specific guidelines ucc3906 limitations on use. If the potential is If left in this condition, the battery is overcharged, shortening its service life.

A suitable enclosure I used an 8x3X2. If you increase the bulk-charge rate, you’ll definitely need to increase the size of the on-board heat sink. Three optical LED indicators show the charge state. As with the three-mode charger, the battery is subject to being overcharged. All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the Terms of Use of the site; third parties using this content agree to abide by any limitations or guidelines and to comply with the Terms of Use of this site.

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The comments pertaining to the SLA batteries and chargers apply across the board and the charger described here can be used with any similar battery. Comments What type of Lead Acid is this designed for? The K2 receiver normally draws about mA. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

As the battery reaches full charge, D3 blinks green at about a four-second rate. Everyone around immediately say, when there are so many benefits why is not this insurance is often deployed in power sources, the problem is mainly in cooling power element transistor BUZ11 during normal situation where the lock is not active heat losses are minimal due to low resistance switching transistor. D4 effectively disconnects the battery by preventing battery current from flowing back into U1.

D3 should turn red for approximately four seconds, then turn green.

UC LED Indicator Problem – Power management forum – Power management – TI E2E Community

When the K2 is turned on again, uc33906 the charger is able to supply the mA for the receiver, the battery voltage doesn’t drop, so the charger stays in float mode and all is well. Skip to main content. U5, an LM, provides a 2.

Float charge — when the current decreases to uc396 minimum overcharge current, the charger enters the float charge mode. A V Zener diode D2 sets Ul to deliver a no-load output of This results in drying the gelled electrolyte and shortening the battery’s ic3906 life.

Do you have another question? Like the three-mode chargers, when a battery with a low terminal voltage is first connected to the charger, a constant current of mA flows to the battery.

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