Flat Earth News has ratings and reviews. Nigel said: Well, this is cheerful stuff. Nick Davies, respected journalist, gives the lie to the noti. “Finally I was forced to admit that I work in a corrupted profession.’ When award- winning journalist Nick Davies decided to break Fleet Street’s unwritten rule by. 5 Feb Here’s a little example of what I call Flat Earth News. In June , Fleet Street told its readers about a gang of feral child bullies who had.

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France and Spain might as well be on another planet for all the coverage they get. I only read Flat Earth News nick davies flat earth news so many people had recommended it, and most of them are people whose views I tend to agree with.

There were times when I actually had to put this nick davies flat earth news repetitive book down and walk away. No eBook available Amazon. There was the commonsense problem that even a fully grown man with 10 years of SAS training who found himself hanging by the neck would have the greatest difficulty in reaching up and lifting his entire body weight with one hand while using the other to remove the noose.

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In the face of these rumours, Tesco issued a denial. The implication of those two findings is truly alarming. He is one of the few non-fiction writers I’ve picked up possibly the only that actually pointed out his conflicts of interest in the beginning of the story, and while he does have some opinions and obvious stances he doesn’t pick on any particular cause or political wings, for example he reveals the poor tactics of both big petroleum companies and environmental groups in the same chapter.

Davies’s title defines what he sees as lies, distortions and propaganda, all accepted without question. Zo erg dat men op den duur de doctrine volgde als journalist, ook al wist je beter. Davies names names and exposes the national stories which turn nick davies flat earth news to be pseudo events manufactured by nick davies flat earth news PR industry, and the global news stories which prove to be fiction daveis by a new machinery of international propaganda.


Newz is always difficult in such a passionately argued book as this. How on earth did so many papers get sucked into producing so many millions of words of, it turns out, total nonsense about the impending implosion of all government, all commerce, all human activity, by the catastrophe which was going to be caused by the bug?

Nonetheless, all of them agreed to be diverted.

His findings include the story of a prestigious Sunday newspaper that allowed the CIA to plant nick davies flat earth news in its columns; the newsroom that routinely rejects stories about black people; the respected paper that hired a professional fraudster to set up a front company to entrap senior political figures; as well nick davies flat earth news a number of newspapers that pay cash bribes to bent detectives.

His latest book is ‘a brazen attempt to break that rule’. Well, this is cheerful stuff. She now has a column in the Telegraph. In the team resisted official pressure in order to expose the true significance of Kim Philby’s defection to the USSR four years previously; Davies contrasts this with the team’s incompetent handling of Mordechai Vanunu inits compromised reporting on the shooting of three IRA members on Gibraltar inand, finally, a litany of bogus “scoops”.

Interesting, depressing, and a little repetitive. This book isn’t a nick davies flat earth news from some journalist with a grudge, it’s thoughtfully written, and gives plenty of examples of misinformation that you can refer back to, or ones you may remember yourself when they were first reported. Joris Luyendijk, writing about the same time, showed the weakness of foreign correspondents in the Middle East.

Soit, in ieder geval is “Gebakken Lucht” een ferme aanrader om inzicht te verwerven over hoe de pers tegenwoordig te werk gaat, hoe verkoop en winst telt, NIET de waarheid want die kost tijd en geld en dat heeft invloed op de winst.

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Davies, however, is still a believer in legwork and in getting the story first-hand. Unfortunately “Flat Earth News” has become an endlessly long list of examples that are treated in the utmost detail.

Introducing Flat Earth News

Davies’ three case-study chapters are preceded davids a more general account of “the Dark Arts”. This book is too long for itself, the classic example of a should-have-been-a-blogpost book.

This, as Nick Davies says, is an old Fleet Street convention. P-B1 FP This was a surprising book, which made me open my eyes about what I diary read in the newspaper. Good luck nick davies flat earth news them. Countries which had spent next to nothing — Russia, for instance, whose government of million citizens spent less on the bug than British Airways — had no problems.


In practice, contemporary journalism has been corrupted by an endemic failure to verify facts and stories in a manner so fundamental that it almost defies belief. The book seems to favour quantity over quality where evidence is concerned.

All nick davies flat earth news all, along with the noble endeavor of the Newsroom even if some consider it completely fancifulthis is an important book, highlighting the critical thinking we all need to apply when watching the news. There is, in fact, a whole chapter dedicated to the Daily Mail, which is one of my favourite papers to read online, despite the ncik that I know its utter trash. Lists with This Book.