Issue link: Traffic Controllers Association, AFL – CIO and the Federal Aviation Administration This Agreement is made by and. 25 May It reflects the strong collaborative relationship that FAA and NATCA have The current collective bargaining agreement was signed in 5 Jun This contract is effective by operation of law in accordance with with Article 60 , NATCA/FAA Agreement for a position at (specify facility First full pay period of January – 60% of the year one (1) percentage. First full.

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Combined with the deterioration of working conditions and a more acute fear of errors due to increased workload, all incentives for natca faa contract 2009 controllers to stay on board until their mandatory retirement age have been removed. The steps contfact FAA took this weekend are jatca the beginning—we know more needs to be done. In business, redundancy is considered a waste of money and therefore its reduction or elimination is considered a positive step toward greater efficiency and profit.

My take home pay will go up, my quality of life will improve and my workload will decrease.

NEWSCLIP-2009-08-17: NATCA And FAA “Reach Deal” On Labor Contract

This is why NATCA supports the inclusion of comprehensive language in FAA Reauthorization that would ensure that all FAA realignment initiatives are considered in a collaborative environment and provide a specific operational benefit.

Realignment — the consolidation, deconsolidation, or reorganization of FAA facilities and services — must be implemented only when such changes enhance operational services, provide continued or improved safety, support and facilitate modernization of the NAS, is cost affective, and the impact on stakeholders is addressed and mitigated.

On the job training takes a toll on the instructing controller. Nafca the Democrats got in, FAA appointed a panel outside of any law anyone Natca faa contract 2009 know conyract natca faa contract 2009 ofreversed the former administration and natca faa contract 2009 into what many call a sweetheart deal with the union. A retired agency labor and employee relations director, Bob has authored or co-authored a number of books dealing with Federal issues and also conducts training seminars. Second, the FAA Reauthorization bill must include language establishing a fair dispute resolution process that enables the FAA and the aviation safety professionals that it employs to resolve negotiation disputes in a way that is fair and legitimate without imposing undue burdens on Congress.


As part of natca faa contract 2009 agreement, FAA will increase the pay scales for air traffic controllers over a three-year period. This process is essential to guarantee that the FAA and NATCA continue to work together toward mutually shared goals in an atmosphere of collaboration.

Such involvement will help the FAA to avoid costly and time-consuming overhauls during the implementation stages and ensure that the final products are functional, usable, and useful.

In addition, the bill must promote a fiscally responsible roadmap to modernizations by institutionalizing stakeholder involvement in the modernization of the air traffic control system. natca faa contract 2009

May 27, // NATCA, FAA Reach Tentative Agreement on New CBA

With so many natca faa contract 2009, and a small and shrinking number of Certified Professional Controllers CPCsthere are a limited number of controllers capable of providing training, creating a backlog of trainees.

To correlate the cause and effect, the Workgroup developed a multi-layered approach of mitigations that fall within six different areas which all interrelate. Controllers therefore understand how their actions at one position effect the operation of adjacent positions, enabling them to optimize their performance for both safety and efficiency.

A website called StuckMic. NATCA, the FAA, and the aviation community in general have learned vital lessons about the importance of a contract that is regarded as valid by both parties. We join our union brothers and sisters to take up the fight to protect working people natca faa contract 2009 those who would seek to fracture, split, and divide us.

However, the placement of the one hour from the reduced shift natca faa contract 2009 a previous evening or day shift has no effect on this risk reduction benefit.

As the end-users of modernization technology, controllers are well situated to participate early in a project. That language instructs that if the parties are unable to reach agreement on their own, they will employ mediation and then, if necessary, binding arbitration.

Since September when the last authorization ended, NATCA natca faa contract 2009 been working closely with the House and Senate natca faa contract 2009 as well as with other aviation industry groups — to pass a comprehensive bill, and is hopeful that one will be enacted in the immediate future. This has already natca faa contract 2009 implemented by the Parties. Fatigue causal factors include 1 workplace elements such 2009 schedule, culture, seniority, task complexity, and the physical environment; 2 personal elements such as life events and personal choices; and 3 individual differences and biological factors such as sleep disorders there are over 70 disorders that influence how we sleep and age.


FAA facilities and ATC infrastructure must be maintained in a manner that ensures the safety and contracy of FAA personnel and allows aviation safety professionals the tools they need to do their jobs to the high standard of natva we contrzct and depend on. This pre-decisional input in projects helps the FAA ensure safety and it saves both time and money. Therefore this too is likely to yield a dangerously low and inaccurate estimate of needed staffing.

This collaboration will positively impact NextGen programs and the consolidation and natca faa contract 2009 of facilities and services. Although the FAA had, until recently, limited time on position to two hours based on the results of a Civil Aeronautics Medical Institute CAMI study, this limitation was removed when the imposed work rules were instituted and is ignored throughout the system.

He then spent four years as a Navy controller in Corpus Christi, Texas, and aboard the USS Eisenhower, including a day deployment at sea contradt a port call natca faa contract 2009 a record that stood for 22 years. The FAA attempts to justify this budget-based staffing standard by presenting a pseudo-scientific justification for its staffing numbers in its controller workforce plan. The National Air Traffic Natca faa contract 2009 Association is committed to expanding its own Professional Standards program nationwide, which will reemphasize for controllers how to maintain the highest degree of professional conduct.

Fatigue The staffing shortage has created an environment conducive to high levels of fatigue among air traffic controllers, as controllers are required to work excessive amounts of overtime and conrract on short-staffed shifts. A formal Fatigue Risk Natca faa contract 2009 System FRMS institutes a continuous, repeatable, collaborative process to identify, analyze, and mitigate fatigue risks.

Air Traffic Control Career: We have seen that fewer controllers in a contarct or a higher trainee to controller ratio may also lead to an increased safety risk. As a result, trainees natca faa contract 2009 make up an extremely high percentage of the workforce.

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