I Too Had A Dream By Verghese Kurien Gouri Salvi Yes Online. Book Details: Language: English Published, Edition: 10th Impreesion , I Too Had a Dream has ratings and reviews. Komal said: Life’s Battles do not always go to the faster or stronger man, in the end the man who w. 45 quotes from I Too Had a Dream: ‘a person who does not have respect for time, and does not have a sense of timing, can achieve little.’.

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In doing so Kurein had vegghese sacrifice his association with family. Kindle Edition File Size: The kind of motivation, confidence and learning this book has provided, I remember only one book that can be added in the same league- A.

In contrast, it emerges that both in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, he could not make much headway because the elites in those nations were representing vegghese interests of foreign dairy industries rather than their dresm farmers. Kurien’s sense of humour was remarkable and I would literally laugh out loud reading Was greatly inspired by this book and for sometime often found myself mentioning instances from this book when topics regarding India’s development propped up and otherwise also.

The greatest vetghese of the government entering into business is that instead of safeguarding people from vested interests, they themselves become the vested interest. I was able to relate to Kurien almost kurienn along when he spoke of his dreary days filled with bitter social experiences. This so incensed the Glaxo boss that he is said to have declared: The co-operative structure is a hit worldwide in agri sector due to the spread out structure of the producers farmers and the government verghess let the farmers run them instead of using them as simply power bases with huge interference via bureaucrats and compliance norms.


It will be a great loss not to read this book. Jul 07, Adarsh Agarwal rated it it was amazing. Verghese Kurien, the positive story of Kurien, who, like so many other Indian graduates, ends up in a job unrelated to his studies, takes up the challenges unsuspecting of the fact that he could become the father of the Indian white revolution.

I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien

And yes, he is a Nationalist and you will get some goosebumping stories about that. Nevertheless, I also believe that anybody with Kurien’s integrity, purpose, and values can walk the path of glory with no need for any sort of nepotism dresm undue favors. After some eight months of this they must have felt that I was becoming a nuisance and they finally wrote back accepting my resignation.

Someday it will motivate you to do something different. His brother wanted to consult a chhaya jyotishi in Cambay.

The book offers an interesting perspective on the milk revolution in India from the point of Mr Kurien who is considered an architect of the same and dedicated his life to the building brands like Amul and Mother Dairy The bigger over arching theme in the book is Mr Kurien’s love for co-operatives and how he believes that these are the only business structures that can bring salvation to the country. The transformation story of increasing the rural income by a double digit, bringing the power back to the people, and the sheer scale and spirit of all the project could do is just invariably inspiring and mind blowing.

Was greatly inspired by this book and for sometime often found myself mentioning instances from this book when topics regarding India’s development propped up and otherwise also. When Minoo sold the dairy to the Marwari gentleman who bought it only for its real estate valuethe first thing the Marwari did was to order the bust of Pestonjee, which graced the entrance, to be removed and thrown out. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.


Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. But that does not in any way detract from his greatness. That is India for you. Its all about being passionate about your dream and actually wo This book was on my to-read list for a really long time.

There was continuous threat from Mr. Though I haven’t done anything about it yet: The book talks extensively about the co-operative structure, its wherewithal and how in every devel “For one who believes, there’s no explanation necessary; For one who doesn’t, none is enough.

I Too Had a Dream Quotes

Autobiographies scare me, but this was not just believable but seemed to shine with honesty and integrity. This autobiography by Dr Kurien shows how a right man, at the right place and at the right time can bring about a cataclysmic change. He made most of the common resource that we all have – 24 hours in a day! Learnings from the Life of O.

I Too Had a Dream

He attained cult status during his lifetime as the ‘Milkman of India’ and richly deserved it too. Sad to read the postscript where Kurien laments how the organisations that he built are being driven away from the co-operative principles. Kurien was fortunate to have that kind of support from different quarters, from Tribhuvandas to Maniben, from Jawaharlal Nehru to Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. Kurien, in his own words.

Dara Khurody, the Milk Commissioner of Bombay, was displeased with the fluctuation in supply and decided that we must send the same amount of milk the year round. This is one of the finest autobiography which I have read till now.

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