Rei militaris instituta, also called Epitoma rei militaris, written sometime between and , advocated a revival of the old system but had almost no influence. Epitoma rei militaris. Vegetius Edited by M. D. Reeve. Oxford Classical Texts. The first modern critical edition; Based on a comprehensive. The Epitoma Rei Militaris or Epitome of Military Science by Publius. Flavius Vegetius Renatus was in the Middle Ages one of the most popular.

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Flavius Vegetius Renatus, Epitoma rei militaris manuscript circa 12th century

Journal of Military History 58 ; M. Miilitaris apparatus gives a full account of the readings that medieval scribes inherited from antiquity. The extant text dates to the 5th century. It contains the best description of siegecraft in the Late Roman Empire. Should the situation be different with Vegetius?

Copyright status is unknown Processing Information: Oxford Scholarly Editions Online This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online – explore trustworthy, annotated texts of writing worth reading. To the modern day, Latin copies of the book have survived, not including translations to various other European languages.

The fourth book, Quartus liber uniuersas machinas, quibus uel obpugnantur ciuitates uel defenduntur, enumerat; naualis quoque belli praecepta subnectitenumerates “all the machines with which cities are besieged or defended” chapters and adds also the precepts of naval warfare chapters As fleetness of foot was a standard Homeric epithet of Achilles, one wonders if this trait should be taken so literally in a panegyrical passage.

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Search only within subsection. The common element of all the names are the two cases of res militaris nominative case: Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Tacitus, Agricola and Auxiliary Infantry,” Athenaeum 92 Vegetius, ‘Het Romeinse leger’. Stewechius ‘ opinion that the survival of Vegetius’ work led to the loss of his named sources were more typical of the late Renaissance. Still, because of the lack of literacyas a guide it was probably accessible only to aristocracy, clergy and royalty.

Views Read Edit View history. Not least, the two legions of mattiobarbuli 1.

Epitoma rei militaris

Besides, Vegetius, if addressing Theodosius, would hardly be so impolitic as to criticize the emperor’s brother-in-law Gratian, whose half-sister Galla he married in and of whom he was much enamored Zos.

Campaign history Wars and battles.

The classical form would have been the ablative. Maior] from those of neighboring Sophene. As the partition of Armenia in notas C p.


Epitoma rei militaris – Vegetius – Oxford University Press

Nicasie, Twilight of Empire: Vegetius’ allusion to Adrianople already recognized by Goffart and Milner occurs at 3. Nothing can be argued from one manuscript’s detachment of the naval portion 4. Some of the maxims may be mentioned here as illustrating the principles of a war for limited political objectives with which he deals:.

Military engineering Castra Siege engines. In neither the Epitoma nor the Mulomedicina did Vegetius use so far as we know Greek sources directly, although he was well aware of Greek sources for both these subjects. Franz Steiner Verlag, Vegetius uses epitomataplural of the Greek epitoma, in his other surviving work on doctoring mules.

Another scholar, however, notes occasional evidence of no or inadequate fortified encampments. Silhanek, Vegetius’ Epitoma, Books 1 and 2: A more generalized Roman-barbarian conflict rather than a specific war could equally be posited. The material is in English Repository: Vegetius’ Christianity, however, is rather curious.

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