ELYSIAN DROP TROOP ARMY LIST – v (Last Rev). By Jim ‘Honda’ Kontilis with invaluable assistance from Shmitty, Ginger, Moscovian, John. Luckily I have brought some Elysian drop troops as they first come out, and Here is my list as I’ve tried to set up a quick and mobile force with air support and without artillery. . I love the vulture and want one for my armies. Last year I took pts of Elysians to the Rock using an army list from the old and somewhat 3x Elysian Drop Sentinels: 3x multimeltas.

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The Elysian Drop Troops are amongst the best rapid response troops that the Imperial Guard has to offer. So, I have some extra venators, weapon teams and an infantry squad to paint up sometime in the future.

If it does this, roll a dice. This weapon can target units that are not visible to the bearer. The best part of being armored is locking khorne hounds in combat for the rest of the game.

Elysian Droptroops

Can be taken armj squadrons of up to 3. The ordered unit can shoot this phase even if it Fell Back in its Movement phase. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For some ironic reason this trooops was also under constant threat from Eldar piracy, as if the Xenos found some animalistic pleasure or instinct in fighting over this place of rock and sand. Community Forum Software by IP. Units and models were selected mainly due to what we had painted from our 7th edition armies.

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All lasguns and all hot-shot lasguns in the ordered unit change their Type to Rapid Fire 2 until the end of the phase.

Elysian Drop Troops

It is the one most adaptable to change, that survives. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: NRV was a blast! The Wave Serpent skim on top of the second objective and prepares to lay fire on the human defenders! Oh that is great news! And you have flyers in both FA and HS slots.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Not only do they have some of the best and most well-cared-for equipment and a high proportion of Storm Troopers within their slysian, but they have perfected the tactic of attacking by grav chute and the Valkyrie Airborne Assault Carrier. Infantry squads make up the core of the army. This was a Matched Play test game of pts designed for us to try out the new indexes, as well as the core game rules and mechanics.

Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. In the following turn of combat the Wraithlord makes a clean sweep with his Ghostblade and destroys two sentinels, leaving the third one running off the field!

Once you get your first turn it’s valkyrie time.

Scattered Dice on YouTube! This weapon may only be used once per battle. Warhammer Tactics 7E Imperial Guard. Pay more for tanks but with objective secured and no need for veterans its a great ally. Flyers and elite MSU is still a thing, believe me! Sure it might not arrive on time but when it does I can choose to go after armor and flyers alike.

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Infantry squads scale the catwalks linking two of the guard towers. Myron looked at brother Captain Severus on the other side of the briefing table. What do you guys think of it? I have a 2, pt, player, tournament drrop up. The list has massive fire power, surgical strike potential and drop troops for objective grabbing.

The transport escapes death with 7 wounds left! HQ Company Command Squad: A Tauros Venator engage an airborne Tau Troosp in a ruined industrial zone. That said, heres a few tidbits:. HQ Elysian Company commander: I also added another Tauros Venator as I love those buggies too much, and a couple of Cyclops to add some comic heat.

Sure they are cool as hell but equally expensive. This site uses cookies.

Because Flyers are OP. Before hurling the ancient constructs into the fray, Simon heats up his D-Scythes….

44th Elysian Drop troops

Captain Ikaru Perseus personally supervised the task of rearming and refueling one of the platoon Valkyries from the vantage point of a tower at the F. Astra Militarumyou must use the datasheet from there. Having deployed his army first, Simon takes first turn and zooms forward with his jetbikes to apply pressure on one flank. Beware sloppy deployment and movement players, this beast will wreck anything from Leman Russes to Thunderwolves if you give me the opportunity.

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