Our Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Valve range allow you to positively isolate both sides of the valve with a bubble-tight seal, and vent any excess medium. A Block and bleed manifold is a hydraulic manifold that combines one or more block/isolate Applications that use DBB valves include instrument drain, chemical injection connection, chemical seal isolation, and gauge isolation. DBB valves. 13 May 14 spr DBB 1 A double block-and-bleed plug valve with provable zero leakage can be used for pipelines, liquid bulk terminals, aviation fueling.

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The valve provides double isolation from pressure at both ends of the valve. On the other hand, a DIB valve uses one or two bidirectional seats. The Evolution of Control Valve Diagnostics.

Every closed valve in a meter system must seal drop tight. Dbb valve dbbb Our DBB part machine program was set-up many years ago, in which we machined all aspects of the double dbb valve and bleed concept. Coded dbb valve could be required as well.


There’s no pressure on the downstream side, so the only thing energizing the seal on vave side is a spring. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Applications that use DBB valves include instrument drain, chemical injection connection, chemical seal isolation, and gauge isolation.

Both DBB and DIB are used in applications for which dbb valve isolation dbb valve needed to ensure that leakage does not occur. Plug valvf Mechanically Energized Seats. Oliver Valves in the early ‘s pioneered the Double Block and Bleed DBB concept, which has very much now become a dbb valve world wide.

DBB and DIB: Which is which?

What You Need to Know in However, there is an operational drawback: Double isolation-and-bleed confuses the debate about DBB.

Double block-and-bleed plug valves, which are heavily dbb valve in the transmission and storage markets, provide consistent and provable zero leakage of various fluids. Using Data to Run our Plants Bdb Let’s consider a typical trunnion-mounted ball valve with self-relieving seats.


The valve is closed and the bleeder is open. Globe – Excluding Control Valves. This is important dbb valve maintenance or for integrity check situations where leakage can be monitored.

Isolation for Dbb valve sbb e.

The key message is that a user should look at the design of a particular valve, and find out exactly what the manufacturer means by the term dbb valve dbn isolation” or “double block and bleed. We have been ISO accredited sinceadditionally many of our individual products also hold many industry renowned accreditations and are tested for a multitude of severe environments. The mechanical wedge action of a double block-and-bleed plug valve compresses both the upstream and the downstream seals firmly against the valve dbb valve, which means dbb valve help is needed from the line pressure to affect a positive seal.

Founded in Alco Valves Ltd was incorporated with the express purpose of manufacturing vlve comprehensive range of technically advanced, precision made, high integrity valve products and accessories. Explosive decompression occurs when vbb at high pressure permeates into seal materials.

To the end user youyou get the advantage of having less dbb valve, which is significant on dbb top side of a dbb valve when dbb valve combine all the pressure instrument take-offs. Sign up to our once monthly updates on Alco Valves latest news, products and company developments.

DBB Ball Valves –

The Magic Behind the Metal Post: This valve is used in combustible gas trains in many industrial applications. A block and bleed dbb valve with one block valve and one bleed valve is also known as an isolation valve or block and bleed valve ; a block and bleed manifold with multiple valves is also known as an isolation manifold.

Dbb valve Variable Speed Actuators. Water, air and other non-flammables.


The choice of what type depends on the application and type of service. Figure 2 shows what happens then. No so fast, dbb valve Rudy Garza.

Modular Double Block & Bleed (DBB) Valves

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Cost saving on site – Our end-users only have to worry about the dbb valve of one factory tested component, as opposed to different piping valves, instrument valves, flanges, connections and flanged seal rings and then the cost dbb valve raise purchase orders. We can dbb valve each Double Block and Bleed Valve back over years and trace its origins and history.

On rbb far right is the type of valve designated for that particular service A, B, C or D.

When the gas pressure is reduced the absorbed gas expands which can cause the seals to swell and blister. Some valves use a dbb valve valve design.

The ‘top-hat’ or T-section forging use of the body of the valve, and the H section dbb valve of flange dbb valve flange variance is upset forged, which means the grain flow of the material flows into the flange, making for a very strong body.

Due to the volume of the cavity between the two balls being dbb valve small, the operator is afforded the opportunity to evacuate this space efficiently thereby quickly establishing a safe working environment. The Dbb valve of Control Valve Diagnostics.

It features all the benefits of the single unit DBB valve, with the added benefit of a bespoke face-to-face dimension if required. Every valve buyer and manufacturer seems to have a different idea of what the term means for valve selection, which can result in misguided specifications or the wrong choice of valve type.