Full text of “Dattatreya Vajra Kavacham Eng”. See other formats. dattaatreva vaira kavacham om dattaatreya shirah paatu sahasraabjeshu samsthitaha. shrIdattAtreyavajrakavacham ||} shrIgaNeshAya namaH | shrIdattAtreyAya namaH | RRiShaya UchuH | kathaM sa~NkalpasiddhiH syAdvedavyAsa kalau yuge |.

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Upload or insert images from URL. Rate this topic 1 dattatreya vajra kavacham 3 4 5. My father used to do it many times a day apart from Datta-Mala Mantra. Paste as plain text instead. The Stotra needs no initiation and can be practiced from anyone, though if done with the blessings of one’s Gurunatha, the results dattatreya vajra kavacham in a few days.

Efficacy of chanting Dattatreya Vajra Kavacha – The Hinduism Forum –

I will reel more on this later Posted January 2, One who does this Vajra Kavacha–once per day gets all-round protection Twice a day–Gets mental peace and good health Thrice a Day–enjoys bliss after some weeks dattattreya sincere and faithful practice. I remember my Father’s Guruvugaaru Swaprakashananda giving it to me as a kid. Posted May 31, Lord Dattatreya tells thus and dissappears and Daladaana Maharshi chants it dattatreya vajra kavacham attains Jeevan Muktha.

Datttareya part dattatreya vajra kavacham the body is covered by this Kavacha.

Full text of “Dattatreya Vajra Kavacham Eng”

I am looking for a good english translation of the dattatreya vajra kavacham and the dattatreya sahasranam. Share this post Link to post Dattatreya vajra kavacham on other sites.


Dattatreya vajra kavacham is said that a hunter by name Bhillo who happened hear this discussion between Lord Dattareya and the Rishi Daladana who recieved it and that too accidentally suddenly got “Datta-Varchas” spiritual light emnating from body upon hearing the shloka.

Posted January 22, The Dattatreya Vajra Kavacha is a spreme kavacha which basically needs Viniyogah Then Dhyanam Then mala mantra japa of Dattatreya Beeja times Then kavacha Thiskavacha last is done 1, 11, 21,and so many times to obtain visions o Dattatreya.

My father used to chant this Dattatreya vajra kavacham during the period of bad planetary influences and invariably he used to come out it very easily. Thiskavacha last is done 1, 11, 21, dattatreya vajra kavacham, and so many times to obtain visions o Dattatreya.

You are commenting as a guest. Posted August 9, One who does the chanting daily 28 times for 49 days gets a vision of Lord Dattatreya in the end. Swaprakashananda I datatreya my Father’s Guruvugaaru Swaprakashananda giving it to me as a kid.

The Dattatreya vajra kavacham Forum Search In. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Kavacuam Maharishi had a doubt whether Lord Dattatreya would come when one thinks of Dattatreya vajra kavacham or not going by His name “Smarthrugaami” which means one who comes the moment the thought arises. Daladaana Maharishi had a doubt whether Lord Dattatreya would dattatreys when one thinks of Him or not going by His name “Smarthrugaami” which means one who comes the moment the thought arises This stotra is unique insomuchas Lord Dattatreya has Himself given it.

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Display as a link dattatreya vajra kavacham.

He was also blessed with lot of divine experiences of Lord Dattatreya too. This stotras specific dattatreya vajra kavacham is believed to be in alleviating disease and graha troubles.

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Posted October 18, Dear Dattajanas, Dattatreya Vajra Kavacham is dattstreya higly effective remedy to modern day problems. If anybody has or knows of where to find. The Uttara Bhagam is known as the Phalashurthi and some who dattatreya vajra kavacham have time omit it. Some astrologers also recommend this Vajra Kavacha not only for health but for evading bad planetary influences.

Reply to this topic All Activity Dattatreya vajra kavacham IndiaDivine. Sign In Sign Up. Your content will need to be dattatreya vajra kavacham by a moderator. I would be most grateful. The Vajra Kavacha is available in our group files section as a word document, those desirous of read it can read it.

Posted September 5,