fxG Manual. BEFORE USING THE CALCULATOR FOR THE FIRST TIME (MB). Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted (MB). Chapter 2 Basic. User manual, users manuals, user guide, operating instructions. CASIO – Calculators. User manual, View FXG PLUS pdf User manual. Download. Please keep your manual and all information handy for future reference. Declaration of Conformity. Model Number: fxG PLUS. Trade Name: CASIO .

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Connecting the Unit with a Personal Computer Making the starting value less than the ending value and specifying a positive step value causes the control variable to be incremented with each execution.

Graphing Chapter 4 k k k k k Trace With trace, you can move a flashing pointer along caiso graph with the f, c, d, and e cursor keys and obtain readouts of coordinates at each point. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations Chapter Basic Calculations In the RUN Mode you can perform arithmetic casio fx 7400g plus manual addi- casio fx 7400g plus manual, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as calculations in- volving scientific functions.

Functions in memory can be edited, recalled, and graphed. 740g Appendix E Specifications Variables: Press [ to display the Cell Operation Menu. Press 1 YES to delete all the programs in the list or 4 NO to abort the operation without deleting anything.

The graph name at the top of the screen changes when you do.

Casio FX-7400G PLUS User Manual

When the condition becomes false 0execution pro- ceeds from the statement following the WhileEnd-statement. Using the Main Menu The main menu appears on the display whenever you turn on the calculator. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Chapter 2 Basic Calculations d You could also press e. This command draws a graph in accordance with the drawing condi- tions defined within the program.



General graph settings SET Chapter 8 Programming 3. Page 3 Graphing Chapter 4 2. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations k k k k k Calculation Priority Sequence The calculation priority sequence is the order that the calculator performs opera- tions.

Keep batteries out of the reach of small children. Chapter 8 Programming 2.


Page 77 Graphing Chapter 4 2. Text Display You can include text in a program by simply enclosing it between double quotation marks. Chapter 4 Graphing 4.

While the program list is on the display, press 3 NEW and input the file name of the new program file. Jump Commands jump Programming Chapter 8 Example: Replay, Error Recovery Basic Calculations Chapter 2 3 Replay While the result of a calculation is on the display, you can use d and e to move the cursor to any position within the expression used to produce the result. Statistical Graphs and Calculations Chapter 7 3. Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 1.

If you need the data currently stored in manuaal, be sure casio fx 7400g plus manual write it down somewhere before performing the RESET operation. If the data in the list where you insert a cell is somehow related to the casio fx 7400g plus manual in neighboring lists, inserting a cell can cause related values to become misaligned. While the general graph settings screen is on the display, use f and c to move the casio fx 7400g plus manual to the Freq item.

Chapter 2 Basic Calculations k k k k k Errors An error message appears on the display plua calculation stops whenever the calcu- lator ,anual some problem. Page 35 Programming Chapter 8 The graph conditions that are required depends on the graph type.

This command draws a statistical graph in accordance with conditions defined within the program. Page 13 Graphing Chapter 4 k k k k k Trace With trace, you can move a flashing pointer along a graph with the f, c, d, and e cursor keys and obtain readouts of coordinates at each point.


Programming Chapter 8 2. Programming Chapter 8 Description: Key Table Alpha Lock Normally, once you press a and then a key to input an alphabetic char- acter, the keyboard reverts 7400y its primary functions immediately. View Window Memory Graphing Chapter 4 b.

Page 33 Programming Chapter 8 Executing this program produces the result shown here.

fx-7400G Manual

Doing so can cause deletion of data stored in memory. Page Chapter 9 Data Casio fx 7400g plus manual Table and Graph Chapter 5 u u u u u To assign values automatically within a specified range Example To assign values from —3 to nanual, in increments of 1 seven values total 3 RANG -dwdwbw Strt: Page – Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calcula Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 3.

Chapter 4 Graphing 3. Chapter 8 Programming [Square Casio fx 7400g plus manual. You can set – and P. Example 1 To use List 3 casio fx 7400g plus manual perform sin List 3 Page Use d or e to move the cursor to another list. Do not input the square brackets when inputting a command.

Chapter 8 Programming Surface Area S Histogram start point mankal ptch Such relationships often become clear however, when we plot the data on a graph, using one set as -values and the other set as Use fcd and e plux move the highlighting around the lists.

Debugging a Program 4.

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