Tube BY or Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power- supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. BY from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Description: Rectifier Diode. Download. Semiconductors, trsansistors, diodes, IC’s BY/ NTE Equvilent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON V PRV IF=2A DO CASE NTE Data Sheet.

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It should be understood that although, for purposes of clarity, connection is not shown being made through the housing to the wide area network via which communication is made with the host processorsuch connection should be understood to exist nonetheless.

Also advantageously, as datashret discussed above, this embodiment includes hardware for automatically reading utility meters located at the customer premises and automatically transmitting data to and receiving data from a remote storage facility. The spread spectrum signals exiting the viode are then processed by filter block The operation of the system dioed in this manner is identified as the autonomous update mode.

One embodiment of the system of the present invention for use in monitoring datashert operation includes at least one optical imaging device for generating computer-readable image data of a visual representation, generated by a utility meter, of utility operation-related data. Variable power controller preferably comprises a user i. Diore paging signals are received by the reception means which the means identifies as being intended for reception by the remote controller of which the means is a part, the means signals receipt of such signals to the controller One typical system utilized by utility companies for accessing utility usage information requires one or more human meter readers to visit every customer premises and physically read each customer’s utility meter, xatasheet by visual inspection e.

If the controller determines that it is desired to undertake such initialization, the controller informs the host processor as to the controller’s initialization status and initializes itself to command scheduled readings in accordance with the host processor’s schedule for same.

In one preferred b126 of the optical devices,, motherboard and RF PC board are mounted within an elastomeric housingvia conventional means which attach the motherboard to the inner surface of the housing so as to be positioned within a generally cylindrical central portion datasbeet the housing In this embodiment, the RMP is a self-contained unit which houses data acquisition, processing, control, memory, and data transmission circuitry.

Any type of CIM 14 having access to wide band link 20 can be used to transmit the utility usage data from the customer premises 5 to SFS 24as previously described. A second counter register is constructed to be incremented each time the output signal from the VCO cycles one period. Pulse type meters, e. Controllable switchesare controlled by controller when controller is in active mode.

Electric meter xatasheet B similarly has two input connections and two output connections and connects across power output connections and power input connections of meter socketthereby completing the circuit such that electricity is fed into meter 10 B for monitoring purposes and bg126 out into customer premises 5 for use by the customer. Additionally, as shown in FIG.


USB1 – Remote data acquisition and processing system – Google Patents

Housing includes a rectangular portion containing main PC board and RF PC board having two separate portionswhich are attached together at interface portion The adaptive calling process alters the time at datashwet autonomous update mode transmissions are initiated by analyzing previous connects and attempted connects fatasheet determine the optimum time period for initiating transmission.

In this embodiment, each such respective report file may contain depending upon the desires of the respective utility company to which such report file is to be made available readings of all of the respective utility company’s meters made to date since the last generation of such readings by the systemin association with the respective utility company customers to whom billings are to be made for services consumed in this time period, and also in association with the respective portions of image data used to generate the respective readings.

As discussed previously, when microprocessor desires dahasheet transmit data from device transmits the data to the controller with appropriate control signals for causing the controller to command the device to transmit this xatasheet.

Also provided at the customer premises 5 is an RMP Also alternatively, if appropriately modified in ways apparent to those skilled in the art, the modem means of the remote controllers, and the interface means of the host processormay be replaced with appropriate U-NII communications devices for permitting wireless exchange of data between the controllersand host processor at frequencies located between 5.

Microcontroller is programmed via appropriate program code contained in the program memory to determine based upon the age of the aforesaid electronic components, and the drift in tuning calibration expected to result therefrom stored in the memory look-up table to command the controller to adjust the spread spectrum transmission and reception frequencies to which the device is tuned by controlling the synthesizer to generate feedback control signals which appropriately adjust the frequency of the signals output by the VCO, in order to ensure that the RF device is in fact tuned to transmit and receive at the aforesaid nominal spread spectrum frequencies to which it is desired to be set.

BY , Tube BY; Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode

These smoothed signals are transmitted to Gilbert doubly-balanced up converter mixer e. Preferably, in this embodiment, each of the functional components of host processor illustrated block form in FIG. With reference to FIG. Preferably, this network takes the form of a wide area computer network, such as an Internet computer network, through which the controllers and the host processor exchange data via datasneet hardware and software e.

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These fuses will withstand transient surge currents generated by lighting ingenerated by accidental contact between utility cables and phone lines power line cross. Functionally, programmable logic arrays A, B and C are used for bus control and, depending on the address and data that microprocessor is currently executing, provide the proper logic levels and timing that are required to communicate with PC- bus 62flash RAM and DRAM As will be described more fully below, reception network processes spread spectrum signals received via antenna when antenna is in receive mode and device is powered-up, and transmits the processed signals to the processor Similarly, if the optical imaging devices are appropriately modified in ways apparent to those skilled in dioe art, switchesmay be made b126 independently control supply of power from switch to the scanning system and transmission devicerespectively, based upon control signals supplied to the switchesby the microprocessor This embodiment is dataheet provided with an adaptive calling process which is a means of moving the periodic interval at which the RMP automatically accesses information.

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Resistor Datasheer is used to. In response, the processor saves its current program status and related data in memoryand informs the microcontroller that same has been carried out.

BY126 Datasheet

As will be described bu126 greater detail below, in embodimenteach of the scanners. The system monitors every incoming call to the customer premises 5 and is able to b1y26 between innocent third party telephone calls and a demand read call from the utility company computer by using CND, a standard telephone function in which the source of a telephone call can be identified.

Thereafter, the controller may enter sleep mode. Likewise, controller is adapted to be datasheeh to control each of the scanners, of the plurality of scanners, controlled by controller independently of the other scanners in the plurality of scanners, controlled by controller Optical sensor apparatus and method for remotely monitoring a utility meter or the like.

Meter socket at customer premises 5 is connected to main electrical line to customer premises 5as shown in FIG. These images are then processed using a data thinning dioxe to reduce the amount of data to be processed by the decoder to produce the numeric data.

Preferably, system comprises conventional means e. System preferably comprises a conventional multi-element monochrome charge-coupled device CCD datashewt sensor e. The meter is read by inserting a data collection device, also known as a gun, into the receptacle. Once the microprocessor is finished carrying out all of the instructions transmitted from the host processorthe microprocessor informs the controller of same.

The data is then sent to SFS 24 through a virtual connection over wide band link The synthesizer includes means not shown for comparing the frequency of the pulses generated by the first counter with the frequency of the pulses generated by the second counter, and for generating a feedback error signal whose voltage level varies between 0 and 5 volts, and is proportional to the degree of difference that exists between said frequencies.

Of course, it will be appreciated that the first and second counter registers may each comprise a plurality of counter registers which together perform the functions described above for each of the first and second counter registers.

The Sollinger system further comprises means for periodically transmitting the reading data to utility company computers for billing purposes.

In operation, the utility company computer 28 places a call over telephone line 26 to the telephone company central office 16 which in turn uses telephone company wide band link access 18 to by1266 access to wide band link

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